Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Life in the Beef? Capital of the World

My daughter and I have recently had several interesting restaurant experiences. The town I live in is "the beef capital of the world".

I ordered the taco soup last week at a restaurant we frequent. The meat looked just a little odd. Juls asked if it was ground beef. The waitress said that it was. OK.

Then she came back and said that it was turkey ground beef. Turkey ground beef? Yep, turkey ground beef. Not a problem for me but Juls doesn't eat ground turkey, let alone turkey ground beef. We were hysterical and our waitress never did seem to realize that ground beef cannot be made of turkey. Ground turkey can, but ground beef? Methinks not.

Then tonight, while we were out looking at Christmas lights, we stopped at Mickey D's. I asked for a double cheeseburger and the voice in the box told me that they were out of red meat and that I couldn't have a double cheeseburger. I asked him what my options were and he started the list.

Grilled chicken sandwich
Filet of fish
Chicken Nuggets
Quarter Pounder

Excuse me? You are out of red meat but I can have a quarter pounder????

I have occasionally wondered about the source of some restaurant's ingredients but seriously, in the beef capital of the world, I cannot get beef ground beef or a burger made with red meat?

I am afraid. I am very afraid.


WT said...

You can have ground turkey beef, that's what they make buffalo wings out of! ha ha ha ha!

As for Mickey D's, I think he meant that they didn't have any small patties left, they aren't allow to improvise (it screws up their inventory).

Sayre said...

I had no idea turkey could grind beef! What a versatile animal! I wonder how long it takes to train a turkey to do that?

laurie said...

clearly they are not native texans

merry christmas, sandy!!

Pamela said...

I also wonder about the source of some of those peoples education.
ha ha

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