Thursday, December 11, 2008

and the answer is....

First of all, thanks for your responses.

Moose was the thrower and NOT the intended catchee. The little girl whose teeth were chipped (and they were permanent teeth) has had them repaired (bonded and sealed).

Moose's mom and the little girl's parents are splitting the bill. I understand that it was an accident but the fact remains that if Moose had been in control of his own little self, it would never have happened.

We are hoping that he learns a valuable lesson about personal responsibility and awareness of surroundings and of the consequences his actions have.

Our new official Christmas song is "All I Want for Christmas is Madison's front teeth".


Irish Coffeehouse said...

Sometimes the most innocent of actions can get a child in trouble. My children have had their fair share of those situations too.

But I still have to ask, why was a frisbee available during INDOOR recess?

I'm glad things have worked out so well!

Junebug said...

But the question is: Why did the little girl catch the frisbee in her mouth? That is not the normal way to catch a frisbee. Is that why it was an accident? Did he ask her to catch it like a dog? Did she choose to out of acting silly? said...

What a mess. I hope they both learned lessons: Madison realizes she's human not canine and Moose realizes he's gotta watch himself.

Pamela said...

sounds like an equitable arrangement.
(poor Madison!)

Megnificent said...

Sounds like a reasonable agreement. Poor Madison, and I bet Moose feels bad! Accidents happen. Many more to come!

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