Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Car Conversations

I was driving Moose home from swimming yesterday. Out of the blue he asked,

"If you want to go to heaven when you die, why do they put you even further down?"

"Your soul is already gone when you're buried. The instant that you die, your soul is gone. It's not there at the funeral home or in the coffin or at the cemetery."

"So if you die in the emergency room and they use those paddle things to bring you back to life, does your soul come back or do you get a new one?"

(Pause) Cue the sound of my brain rattling.

"If God knows everything that's gonna happen, then He knows that you are not going to die and your soul is still there. You don't get a new one."



Sayre said...

My son is an expert at throwing those curveballs. I do love their observations though - they always make me think!

Pamela said...

you did well.

I would have stuttered.

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