Sunday, December 21, 2008

Latest on Charity

Just a quick update on the pup. Charity finally had an actual turd (yes, I know it's disgusting, but we actually cheered like it was the first time Moose used the potty on his own) on Thursday and went to the vet on Saturday to have her stitches removed.

She no longer has ribs showing and is beginning to act like a dog instead of a victim. She is venturing forth from her den and is interacting with the other dogs who are still not sure that she IS a dog. This is actually a good thing since they are not jealous of her and I have told them that she is NOT a squeaky toy.

The vet decided that she was healthy enough now to have her immunizations so all in all, it was a terrific vet visit.

I know all of this because Juls told me. I was in bed puking for the last 3


Pamela said...

a dog that size couldn't produce a turd. It must have been a turdi.

Pamela said...

or turdette?

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