Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What Are Your Beliefs?

The always innovative and informative AFF pointed me in the direction of Blue Momma for this quiz.

It is truly intriguing and interesting. Wow, I must be hung up on "i" tonight. There are twenty questions about your religious beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers so you just answer what you really believe.

The quiz will then tell you which organized religion, if any, most closely mirrors your beliefs or, conversely, which organized religion, if any, you most closely adhere to.

Have fun and take it if you'd like. I will be posting my results later in the week.


Jen said...

The quiz tells me I'm a secular humanist. :)

Anonymous said...

You know what it told me. Like it would be a big surprise :)

laurie said...

wow, fascinating.

i match 100 percent with unitarian universalism, followed closely by liberal quaker.

Karmyn R said...

I've taken this test before and my results were Liberal Quaker. Which shocked the heck out of me.

Robocop said...

100% Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant . Not a shocker.

-Ann said...

I got the same results as Laurie. What surprised me was my lowest ranked religion. Coming in with 15%, it was Roman Catholicism. So much for Baptism, Confirmation, and 13 years of Catholic school. My parents will be so disappointed.

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