Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who Knew?

We have 3 dogs. When they are outside, they all have different ways of letting us know that they want back in.

Duck stands at the top step and gives 1 bark.

Buddy stands at the top step and paws at the glass storm door.

Holly stands at the top step with her back to the door and bumps the door. She does this all the time and, about 1/2 the time, it means she wants in. The other 1/2?


swampy said...

My dogs have a doggie door. Sometimes I lock them out. They stand at the door with forlorn looks of, "Please Please Please let us in."
Oh, and have I mentioned the claw marks on the wood?

Debs said...

That is to cute.

Our dog barks and bangs on the door. He is a black lab and hates water. So it is not fun if it is raining outside.

laurie said...

isn't that funny? where do you suppose they learn this?

riley stands at the back door and gives a polite WOOF. and then about 30 seconds later, another one. and then, about 15 seconds later, another one.

boscoe sits quietly and never makes a sound. he just waits. eventually, we figure it out.

we have accidentally locked him on the front porch more than once. he never makes a sound. just waits by the door until we open it.

ChrisB said...

My old girl used to just sit and wait very patiently to come in and to go out she would come and sit in front of me and look towards the door~ I'd forgotten all until I read your post.

lisa's chaos said...

My male will bark once shrilly in his i-want voice. If I don't go I'll get little reminders that increase in closeness, like "arf" wait 30 secs, "arf" wait 30 secs, "arf" wait 20 secs, then 5 secs and by this time he's annoyed and it's a little "arf-arf-arf".

My female will simply sit snuggled to the door until I come, no noise ever. Now, inside if she wants in the room I am she will scratch-scratch-scratch at the door, softly then wait. She may do it one more time but then she will just lay down outside the door.

Junebug said...


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