Thursday, January 10, 2008

Barometric Headaches

Photo courtesy NOAA (cold front)

I am not by nature a whiner. Nor am I a sickly person. My parents both have (had) great genes so this is not to my credit.

I do get barometric headaches, though. I used to get them when Shorty and I drove truck. It came in really handy because I could predict, with astonishing accuracy, when we were heading into bad weather. Now that we are stationary, though, they are more of a literal pain.

These headaches are completely tied in to weather fronts. If I never listened to a weather report, I would know when weather was coming. I will be driving along and POW! my head literally feels as though it is going to explode.

I have one of these headaches today.

I got one a few weeks ago when Charlie (my new moniker for lil man) was in the car with me. I made some noise and he asked me what was wrong. I explained and he was amazed.

I was feeling sorry for myself. I am not a fan of pain and these suckers HURT!

Charlie's reaction? "How lucky you are, Grandma. I wish God would give me a gift like that."

It's all in how you look at it.


Christine@AreWethereYetMom said...

Oh, I get those too. Especially when Summer starts here, or with any weather change. Those headaches knok me down all day.

Hope your headache goes away soon!

Robinella said...

So sweet. They do see things a lot differently than we do.

Sorry about your head!

laurie said...

a very sweet comment. but, easy for him to say!

i feel for your headache. i used to get migraines. it was awful, for years.

ChrisB said...

Luckily I haven't suffered a rally bad head for years, but I sympathise because at one time they came every month like clockwork (not weather related) and I had to go to bed.

I just might have felt better if some little person had told me 'I was lucky and it was a gift from God'!!

Megnificent said...

Wow. They really have it right, don't they? Thank God for kids.

Megnificent said...
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