Friday, January 4, 2008

A Good Book is Good to Find

I finished this book this morning before I left for Abilene.

I loved it.

I have read all of the "Mitford" books by Jan Karon and enjoyed all of them.

I did often wonder, though, how Father Tim had got to be Father Tim.

This book answers those questions and more.

It also made me remember how much I enjoy a well written book, a book with complete sentences and proper grammar. It made me remember how a good book, one with good subject matter, makes me feel when I finish it. It made me realize what drivel I had been reading lately.

It is not often that I finish a book that I can recommend to everyone with no reservations. This book is one that I can.


bermudabluez said...

Looks like a good read! I'll have to keep this one in mind...

Crown Princess said...

Pups know enough to get out of the way.

laurie said...

i agree, there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good, well-written book.

nikki said...

I haven't read a really good book in a long time. Maybe I will try this series.

Megnificent said...

I love a good book. Do I need to start with the first in the series?

PS: Don't blow away today.

Robinella said...

Hey, are you talking about my blog? hahaha. I love when bloggers talk about their favorite books and current reads. I keep adding them to my list to check out. I was at a stand still for so long looking for new reading material.

PS Love the new look. And my retinas said, "Thank You!".

Sandy said...

To all: the Mitford Years books tell the story of Father Tim and his wife Cynthia (Episcopalian, obviously). This new book is the first in a series of Father Tim books covering their life after he retires. I did not know that it was the beginning of a series till after I picked it up.

I have always found all of the books to stand alone just fine.

wolfbaby said...

sounds interesting;)

you might want to hold off on reading my story on my blog-glob then for a bit as my gramer sucks..*sigh* something i really hope to improve on;)

i love good books.. i mean the really good ones. that have a good heart and chacters that really stand out!!

lisa's chaos said...

How did I fall so far behind on your posts? I thought I had just been here but suddenly there's 2 posts I hadn't seen. :)

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