Thursday, January 17, 2008

PPL - Beginnings

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This month's poetry challenge was just that for me - a challenge. I am still not satisfied with this but here it is.


We began in flirtation and lust,
In laughter, with secrets chased ,
Combined satisfaction a must.

We began in selfishness and haste
With little regard for convention,
With reputation and time to waste.

All held together by tangible tension,
The unfettered joy of uncaring souls;
Thank God for divine intervention

We continue with lives made whole;
Reputations repaired, trust regained,
Each other’s love we each extol.


Karmyn R said...

Very nice. I like how it ended with love extol

Robin said...

Wow, Sandy...kinda heavy.

It tells a story complete with tragedy and redemption. And I agree with Karmyn, I like how you ended on a positive note.

I think you did great with this...don't be disappointed! That being said, I understand how it is to be frustrated with your work, when words are a tangled mess in your mind and you can't quite get them to "say" what your heart feels. Even if you aren't completely satisfied with your result, it ended up being good for your reader, and communicates quite a bit in a few lines of verse.

Thanks for joining in this month!

Junebug said...

It makes perfect sense. Life is full of new beginnings, the ones that work best are the ones that we get God's help with.

min said...

Very nice. This is poetry as it should be, deep and from the heart to the heart.
Makes ya think...

lisa's chaos said...

That's cool! I didn't even try this time. Good job!

karisma said...

Well done. Im amazed at all this talent. I feel like Im getting a heart to heart with each and every poem.

Pamela said...

applause, applause applause. This was just like listening to a poet at a coffee shop. (decaf for me this late, thanks)

paisley said...

this was lovely... i never made it that far,,, but it gives one hope.....

wolfbaby said...


much better then i could do;)

Kim said...

I love a good story of redemption! Isn't that what God is in the business of doing - taking our mess and making into a something beautiful and full of blessing.

Beautiful writing.

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