Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Truly lazy

With apologies to all ye pirates out there and with thanks to Robin, I have combined my pirate name with a plaything from Robin's site.

Have fun, y'all.

D/The Little Dipper I R T Scrabble Letter Y
M La lettre A Neon Graveyard Y
v a N E


willowtree said...

Ahoy thar Dirty Mary, buckle me swashes and shiver me poop deck, that be lazier than cabin boy after a jolly good rogering!

Swampwitch said...

DubYaT...we are going to hoist you up the flagpole by your feet.

Robin said...

Well, Hi there! I saw this in technorati and I'm glad to find it :). Thanks for the link!!

(I'm posting using my Blogger ID but I'm at typepad now...)

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