Wednesday, September 26, 2007

and we wonder why he has ADD?

This, God help me, is an actual Messenger conversation between me and my grown-up child.
Sandy Swopes: Juls, Pastor Ted just called and wants to know if he can come and take new pics of the bike...I told him you'd get hold of him this afternoon sometime. His phone number is 364------
Crown Princess: ok, thnx
Sandy Swopes: waiting on a truck to load...want lunch...
Sandy Swopes: want lunch????
Crown Princess: sure
Sandy Swopes: whatcha want? I picked yesterday
Crown Princess: who's loading it?
Sandy Swopes: ricky or jeff
Crown Princess: ricky? sounds like he works there again?
Sandy Swopes: on his days off....
Sandy Swopes: bubbles is riding around with darrell
Sandy Swopes: i was rude to the pastor...sorry
Sandy Swopes: fun monday is on shoes...
Sandy Swopes: herds of chicken
Crown Princess: how were you rude?
Sandy Swopes: as in ooh a chicken and a chicken and a chicken
Crown Princess: what about shoes and that is soo weird
Sandy Swopes: he introduced himself as pastor ted from nazarene yada yada yada and I said , sure Ted, what can I do for you?
Sandy Swopes: what is weird
Crown Princess: jason ridin around w darrell
Sandy Swopes: yunh hunh
Crown Princess: and what about Shoes?
Sandy Swopes: the fun monday post is should be right up your alley
Sandy Swopes: a-- f----- was the good neighbor of the day and ooh a chicken, she's selling some kind of home decor crap and how much do we have to buy to make up for the trampoline?
Crown Princess: LOL
Crown Princess: why was she neighbor of the day
Crown Princess: ph a chicken, i found out how to check stolen guns and asked linda if i could check urs, she said sure
Sandy Swopes: awesome...i will get you the list
Sandy Swopes: for being compassionate and friendly....
Sandy Swopes: your chicken has ph?
Crown Princess: yup, but i am gunna get him some Degree...strong enough for a man......but made for a chicken
Sandy Swopes: awesome...can I just copy this whole thing for a blog?
Crown Princess: lol, sure
Sandy Swopes: k
Sandy Swopes: what's for lunch?
Crown Princess: ok, you want me to come out there or you wanna pick me up?
Sandy Swopes: did you put gas in your truck?
Sandy Swopes: oh wait you have a car
Crown Princess: lol, not yet but i still have the $ you gave me to do it
Sandy Swopes: buy gas.....
Sandy Swopes: taylor burrito?
Crown Princess: oooh, yummy, i was gonna say that or stak dilla from kbobs
Crown Princess: steak*
Sandy Swopes: and it's frito pie night...yumm o
Crown Princess: and yes i have to work tonight
Sandy Swopes: k...he got a cute new shirt today...
Crown Princess: cool, thanks and thanks for the paper
Sandy Swopes: qwelcome
Crown Princess: didnt like the composistion
Sandy Swopes: he also likes valero coffee
Crown Princess: lol
Sandy Swopes: i like the compo book - does not fall within the
Crown Princess: it fell with in the "GET YOUR G D HOMEWORK DO
Crown Princess: NE" requirements
Sandy Swopes: what happened to the paper he started with?
Sandy Swopes: never mind p that was cursive
Crown Princess: he hadnt started.....yup
Sandy Swopes: that p is a hyphen
Crown Princess: thought you were hatching a chicken
Crown Princess: lol
Crown Princess: how your eyeball?
Sandy Swopes: it's ok....kind of blurry from the cream stuff
Crown Princess: ewwww
Sandy Swopes: I did check with your dad last night to make sure that I was actually sympathetic and kind when he had his eye surgery..I was.
Crown Princess: llol
Sandy Swopes: did youcheck your email?
Crown Princess: yuppers
Sandy Swopes: me, too
Crown Princess: k
Crown Princess: anything good in your email
Sandy Swopes: just the cute one from you...
Crown Princess: cool
Crown Princess: lovd the mental patient
Sandy Swopes: stole that off a blog - i think the watermelon patch and remind me to tell you about your son - he wrote a blog for you today
Crown Princess: k
Sandy Swopes: please get food and bring it to me
Sandy Swopes: please
Sandy Swopes: please
Sandy Swopes: please
Crown Princess: what kinda burrito?
Sandy Swopes: combo, pelase
Sandy Swopes: wait, pleuse
Sandy Swopes: pleise
Sandy Swopes: pleese
Crown Princess: ha ha
Sandy Swopes: pleyse
Crown Princess: i almost said, but you didnt use A
Crown Princess: lol
Sandy Swopes: and if he just started at the beginning of the alphabet, he'd be right!
Crown Princess: hey whats my blog url
Sandy Swopes:
Crown Princess: you are known as ducks m om?
Sandy Swopes:
Crown Princess: but what do they call you?
Sandy Swopes: Sandy
Crown Princess: lol
Sandy Swopes: I know - bizarre, isn't it?
Crown Princess: what is this hosts name>
Sandy Swopes: Robin
Crown Princess: thnx
Sandy Swopes: gonna play?
Sandy Swopes: it's perfect for the shoe sluts of the world
Crown Princess: check the comments to the assignemnt
Sandy Swopes: k
Sandy Swopes: very nice
Crown Princess: ty
Crown Princess: ok let me get outta here
Sandy Swopes: q
Sandy Swopes: k
Sandy Swopes: the q was the on the ty
Sandy Swopes: the k was on the get out of here
Sandy Swopes: ly
Crown Princess: LY


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Good grief.....keeping up with that conversation is like a tennis match!

I see I am not the only one who has brain farts from time to's just that one thought brings me to another, then that one brings me to another....and so on!

Swampwitch said...

Who's on first?

Myanderings said...

queen of the mayhem - that is EXACTLY what we call them, too; brain farts.

swampwitch - who's on second, what's on first!

Anita said...

A lot of my conversations go like that... A friend of mine tactfully explains that my brain just "runs on 9 tracks at once"... lol
Made it easier to keep up with my 9 year old ADHD son's

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