Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Head Hurts

me - it cracks me up that lil man can read 2nd grade books 'cause he's in 2nd grade but he can't ready Pokey Little Puppy

Julie - I tried to explain that he can read kindergarten books and 1st grade books and 2nd grade books but he says he can't cause he is in 2nd grade and can only read 2nd grade books

me - makes me nuts

Julie - makes my head hurt

me - so I can only read 53 year old books

Julie - "the look"

me - so I must get all the books published in 1954

Julie - so I must get all the books published in 1977

me - you were born in '76, baby

Julie - but you said '54

me - but I was born in '54

Julie - but you said '53

me - I am '53 but I was born in '54

Julie - (stomped her foot) you can only read 2nd grade books!


willowtree said...

I knew exactly what you meant, but then I was born in '54 too.

Crown Princess said...

I think i am still confused....lol Maybe you need to type in 4 y/o since that is what i am....lol.

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

That's almost as bad as 'Who's on First', lol!

wolfbaby said...


rolls in laughter

so know the feeling...

BTW i already bought the books;) i can't help myself... i buy them everythime i go to the store.. *sigh* it's a compulsion i swear and thats my defense and im stickin to it;P

Anonymous said...

This doesn't sound right. I'm not in the 47th grade at school, but I am 47 years-old. I only had 18 years of education...so...I should be reading HARRY POTTER and SPIDERMAN comic books.
I can live with that.

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