Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I did not have a topic for today.  I was just going to throw something together when I got home from work.  Then I spoke with my daughter who, unbeknownst to me, has been ill for the last several days.  Ill as in emergency rooms, hospitals, doctors, IVs, and all manner of stuff, a lot of it in another state.

I will yell at her later.

She is still not well.  The last doctor said something about "occipital neuralgia" and sent her home with some meds.  She is still not well.

I called my pain doctor from my one and only, thank God, bout with sciatica a couple of years ago.  His earliest appointment was in 3 weeks.  His appointment clerk took my name in case they had any cancellations or reschedules sooner.

We see the doctor at 1:00 tomorrow.  My boss was very understanding about my needing the time off and my co-worker, bless her heart, is coming in 4 hours early so that I can be with my child.

I am clothed in God's grace.


karisma said...

Oh dear. I hope she heals quickly. Sending love and healing light. xoxoxox I never tell my mum either. She worries too much. <3

Jo's World said...

I know how you feel, I have felt this way for the last week. Its a blessing!

Jo in MN

Sayre said...

I hope everything is going to be okay. While as a daughter, understand the urge to not worry the parent with something, as a mother, I know I'd be furious if my son ever DIDN'T tell me when something was wrong like that.

Thankful for understanding co-workers and bosses!

Pamela said...

when my daughter was 14 hours drive away I couldn't help her. Now she lives here and I am able to be there for her headaches.

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