Sunday, November 10, 2013

my little town let me down

I love this town.  I have since we moved here in 1990.  I seldom hear anything or see anything or know anything about this town that disheartens me.  It is a very comforting and warm and embracing community.

This week, I am disappointed in my town.  I am disappointed in the residents of this town and of this county.

Tuesday, November 5th, was election day.  In Texas, there is also early voting, which was available from the 21st of October until the 1st of November this year.  According to 2012 statistics, there are 19,360 residents in the county.  There are roughly 9,000 registered voters in the county.

The items on our ballot this November were 9 Constitutional Amendments.  There were no local races or bond issues or anything like that.  Just statewide constitutional amendments.  You know, the amendments that affect each and every resident of the State of Texas.

We had a 5.9% voter turnout.  Less than 500 of those roughly 9,000 registered voters could be bothered to exercise their civic responsibility to their Country and their community.

We must do better.  We must provide a better example for our children.  We must care.


Sayre said...

Wow. That IS disappointing. And who do you think will scream the loudest when the amendments go into effect?

I've voted in all but two elections since I was eligible. It's not always fun or convenient, but it's a privilege given to American citizens. Just think how many groups of people fought for the right to vote! Women. Blacks. Poor people. There was a time when only wealthy landowners had that right. Too bad people don't exercise it more.

Pamela said...

I bet it was that way everywhere.

Richard Walz said...

That is disheartening.
Voting is one of the few obligations people have in a democracy.

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