Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tea and Empathy, Anyone?

I evidently have an inflated opinion of myself. I see myself as cheerful, friendly, open and empathetic.


I took this quiz to find out my empathy quotient. I scored a 35. A 35. A rotten, measly, barely above Asperger's 35.



WT said...

I got 44 (apparently that's 2 above average for a male), which surprised me given that I don't give a shit about anyone.

nikki said...

eh. tell the quiz to shove it.

the rotten correspondent said...

I'm 58. This is an odd quiz, don't you think?

Pamela said...

you can tell WT and I are twins.

Pamela said...

look at our avatars

yup. twins

Sayre said...

57. Average. Odd - I thought I might score better on this too.

And Pamela? You and WT look JUST ALIKE!!!

Junebug said...

67 for me but I tend to over sympathize.

Pamela: You're hugging a tree and I don't know what WT is hugging. A bottle? said...

You are empathy and sympathy personified. Screw the quiz.

Karmyn R said...

I scored average - but I hate quizes like this because when they have Slightly or Definitely - I always feel like I'm somewhere in the middle. T

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