Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Frog

Long ago and far away, actually last year, my daughter had to have her dog put down. Alex was only 4 but he was a very old, very sore 4. Alex was a Blue Merle Great Dane. When he died, we planted a crepe myrtle. Merle-myrtle. I know. It's lame.

On April Fool's Day, Julie's Roxi had 16 puppies. She squished 4 of them the first day but was a really good mom to the remaining dozen. Julie moved on May 1st and, unbeknownst to anyone, the backyard at her new house had parvo.

All 12 puppies died, one at a time, with Juls medicating them and bottle feeding them puppy pedialyte every 30 minutes. This went on for over a week. To say that it was heartbreaking doesn't even begin to cover it.

The new addition to the dead Alex tree? The dead dog frog. I thought 12 of them might be a little excessive.

8 comments: said...

Oh, how awful. Did the mom survive the parvo? I hope??

How's Georgie adjusting to life at your place?

And, I moved:

Crown Princess said...

Just to let all know, the mom and dad (and aunt) all survived as they are fully vacinated, but the pups at 4-5 weeks old were not old enough to have had their shots yet. It was a tragedy and Ms Rox will be being spayed on the 18th of this month.

Junebug said...

Wow! That's a lot to lose. And take.

Sayre said...

How sad. I agree that 12 frogs might be a bit much though. Better to have one large aghast frog than twelve little ones.

How can a yard have parvo? And how does one get rid of it (or find out in the first place without losing dogs)? That is just too awful to contemplate.

WT said...

I missed the bit about the parvo, I just thought it was a post about frogs, d'oh!

Parvo is very virulent and very nasty, and animal shelters get it occasionally too, and it's really deadly.

I'm truly sorry that you lost the pups, but apparently it wasn't their time.

Pamela said...

Poor Roxi... was she a sad doggy??

Is she going to cleanse her yard and house with bleach?

Karmyn worked in a veterinarian clinic during her high school years -- and she would make sure she cleansed before coming home if she worked around Parvo.

I wish it could be eradicated.

Crown Princess said...


Rox was most pissed...AT ME, she came into the house one day (during all the dying), went over to the remaining sick pups and sniffed them, then turned around and gave me "the look" as if to say "What did YOU do? I gave you 12 perfectly healthy puppies and this is wht you do WTF?!?!?!" She was not happy.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Check out Heather's cupcakes. I saw them and thought of you! lol

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