Friday, June 6, 2008

PPL - Diamante

Once again, Robin has asked us to use our brains, our imaginations and, in my case, our thesauruses (or is it thesauri?) to create a poem. In this case, a diamante, using either the outdoors or emotions as our theme. Here is mine.

Enduring, Eternal
Thrilling, Exhilarating, Frightening
Kind, Steadfast, Apathetic, Careless
Numbing, Freeing, Exhilarating
Stoic, Incurious
Sadness Sorrow
Crying, Sobbing, Railing
Pointless, Ennervating, Reaffirming, Energizing
Crying, Sobbing, Thanking
Godgiven Grace


lisa marie said...

Thesauri or not it's great!

WT said...

Looks more like an egg timer.

Kathleen Marie said...

Very well done... lovely!

ChrisB said...

There's plenty of emotion in those words!

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Very nice indeed (thesaurus or not). Thanks for sharing them.

Tami said...

It is very good! I enjoyed them both!

Pamela said...

(either word is acceptable for plural form. I looked it up in my thesaurus..bwaa ha ha ha ha)

great diamante. You always seem to pull one out that gets me in the gut.

Maybe I'll participate next time.

Robin said...


Wahoo!! TWO for the price of one! You KNOW I love it when people get going on these things :). Thank you!!!

And...NOW your comment to me makes more sense! We choose a set of the same emotions. Some people might think "hate" is the opposite of love, but you and I concluded the same thing. Interesting, too, we started at opposite ends of the spectrum (I debated which one to begin with). I love your descriptor words, too. I struggled with mine.

On your second, I just shook my head in agreement--joy IS God-given grace!

Thanks again for joining in...I can't wait to read everyone's posts!


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