Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Previous 4ths, part 2

Same child. Different year.

When CJ was 5, he was visiting his Grampits and me for part of the summer. On the 4th of July, our boss' family always has a HUGE party with massive amounts of explosives - I do love living in Texas!

We stopped by for a bit and CJ got to meet their grandkids. The littlest one had been watching "Meet the Fockers" and was just running around saying, "ahss - whole" and making her Grandma nuts.

The boys, who are 2 and 3 years older than CJ, had control of the lighting devices and were very busy igniting the world (and the wrecking yard next door, but that's another story). They had the very enthusiastic assistance of their little sister/cousin who was 4.

That just left one little princess, who is CJ's age or maybe 6 months older. Every time we turned around, they were hand in hand, heading off into the dark - to see the goats, to see the cows, to go "adventuring." It took one full grown man all night just to ride herd on these two little adventurers.

CJ just moved back here and he and the little princess are still - well, not hand in hand - but the last time I saw them together, she was driving her ATV and he was sitting behind her. We grow our princesses tough out here.

This story continues when we got home that night but that's it for now.

Have a happy, semi-sane, and ultimately safe 4th of July! and kiss a Veteran!

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