Monday, April 23, 2007

Power of Prayer

I generally don't talk (or write) about God, prayer, Catholicism, etc., because I try to avoid sounding like a "God freak". But - you just knew there was a 'but', didn't you? - this past Saturday evening reminded me about the power of prayer and the awesome power of God.

I was working extra duty as a guard at the plant where I am secretary during the day. The guard shack is roughly an 8 foot cube, built of cinder block, with 7x5 foot windows on 3 sides. There was a storm Saturday evening, the kind the weathercasters refer to as "SEVERE WEATHER". The storms were gathering, golf ball size hail was falling, the winds were swirling, and the tumbleweeds were stampeding across the drive. I was safe inside along with our yard dog, a year-old stray that some lowlife abandoned out here. Her name is Bug.

Anyway, Bug and I were safe and warm. I was watching the clouds and notice the little hangy-down thingy that always scares me. This one was hanging down from a wall cloud and had a lovely little hook in itand was a pretty big hangy-down thingy.

Normally, when I am scared, I go into auto-pilot and start saying the rosary. This time, I appealed directly to my guardian angel and all the angels in heaven to shield me and to St. Francis to protect the dog. As I was praying, I could watch the hangy down thingy just get sucked right back up into the cloud.
I changed my prayers to those of thanksgiving and Bug and I finished out our shift.
God is good.

1 comment:

Junebug said...

How true, God is good. A very small statement but a very big God.

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