Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I got into a conversation the other day about boredom. I know that boredom existed when I was a child because I remember saying that I was bored. I also remember painting pickets, dusting furniture legs, and chopping firewood - all my parents' remedies for my boredom.

I know people who, while needing money, will turn down a job - a good, honest job - because it is "boring".

I know children in school who consistently get into trouble because they are "bored". This child's parents think it is the school's responsibility to make sure their child is not bored. I think it is the child's responsibility to learn to sit still and listen. This child is bright - so bright - but I am afraid that if the adults in his world constantly shape the world to suit him, he will have even more difficulties when he gets older.

This child is not independantly wealthy and will have to work. I know of very few jobs whose sole function is to keep the employee entertained.

I am concerned (but not bored).

1 comment:

Rhiannon said...

geeee.....can we say two direct slams in this one.....

love ya

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