Sunday, March 18, 2012

Somewhere there's coke and fries

My grandson spent a few days with me last week and I put him to work! I was moving (finally) and another set of hands are always welcome. We unloaded, packed, put stuff in the pickup, drove to the new house, unloaded, put away, went back to the old house, packed, put stuff in the pickup, drove to the new house and, on the way, he said "Somewhere there's coke and fries", unloaded, put away and went and found sustenance.

This saying, which does not necessarily pertain to either coke or fries, began with my nephew.

When my nephew was 2, his dad was establishing a transmission shop in southern California and his mom would often run parts for the store. My nephew KNEW that he was not allowed to ask for things and that asking was the surest way to get a "No". One day, his mom was very busy running parts and, to be honest, I think she sort of forgot he was in the back seat and had been there for a very long time, especially for a two year old.

Suddenly, inspired, he said "Somewhere there's coke and fries". Coke and fries is what he called all foods from a fast-food restaurant, much the same way all vegetables were "ho-hos".

Kindly note, he did not ask and yes, he did get some nourishment quickly.

It just warms my heart to know that these tidbits are not forgotten.


Pamela said...

I remember a saying when I was little that my family repeated -- the story behind it just isn't quite as exceptional as yours - but the little saying stuck.

Richard said...

Has anyone explained plagerism to CJ. Anyway it is good to see the tradition carrying (sp) on. Mom quoted Billy every once in a while then she chuckled.also ho-hos on the bone. Thanks

Karmyn R said...

haha - that is cute. I may have to use it.

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