Friday, April 30, 2010

Ho-ho's on the Bone

I was reading my blogger friends this morning and came upon these words of wisdom from Min. I chuckled reading about Vi calling everything an appee. It reminded me of this story - not my children, but my sister's child so I am sharing this.

When my nephew was little, his mother, in an effort to preserve her garbage disposal, told him that all sorts of things were bones. Celery, corn cobs, actual bones, etc. Bones got thrown into the trash and not into the garbage disposal. My nephew was also one of those children who remembered every commercial he ever heard and integrated them into his own life. Hence, all vegetables were "ho-ho's: as in "Valley of the Jolly (ho ho ho) Green Giant".

All of this explanation is in preface to the night my nephew, somewhere around 2 years old, walked into the dining room, looked at the table and declared in delight "Ho-ho's on the bone!!"

Yep, corn on the cob.


Sayre said...

Love that! It's perfect!

Pamela said...

ho-boy. giggle.

Debs said...

That is cute! lol

janet said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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