Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Torch Passes

I promise to post pictures later but I did want to write this before I forgot to mention how proud I am of my child.

My mother always had very traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Me? Not so much. I tried the last couple of years to share my traditions and Juls very graciously participated. Did she like it? Not so much. Did I know it? Never. My child has very good manners.

Last year, at Christmas, she asked if we would like to come over for dinner which, while not traditional, was delicious. A good pot of beef stew (two different versions, no less) is the food for which winter was invented.

This year, she asked if we would like to come over for Thanksgiving. It was WONDERFUL! We had brisket, green bean casserole, apple stuffing, glorified rice, olives, and two desserts, one an absolutely terrific fudge pecan pie that she made from scratch. It was just the five of us and it was a wonderful, lazy (for me) day filled with family, food, and football...and the Cowboys won!

It turns out she never liked my tradition but was afraid of hurting my feelings. Rusty convinced her that it would be all right - that the kids were supposed to grow up and take over the hosting of the holidays. He was right.

She is doing a spectacular job of growing up. I am looking forward to the beef stew for Christmas!


Sandy said...

I forgot the brussels sprouts! with bacon and walnuts.

Sayre said...

Mmmm... brussel sprouts!!!

The turkey dinner isn't for everyone. At the farm, we had smoked boston butt, a ham AND two turkeys. Plus myriad sides from traditional to not-so-traditional.

My mom admits that she can't do the dinner anymore (finally) and the torch is being passed on to me!

It's an awesome responsibility and I'm glad Juls has taken it on happily!

Richard said...

I asked my mother this Thanksgiving about what traditions she recalled from her youth. She said that nothing was made of it except that that was the day you put new straw into the mattresses. You put all the matresses on the porch and worked on them.

Robinella said...

Sounds delish! My mom, sister and I rotate each Christmas. So we all get two years break in between. :o)

My MIL, on the other hand loves to entertain and she does the works. Since my husband comes from a family of chefs, I'm a little intimidated to cook for them anyway. So I always do clean up as my contribution.

Crown Princess said...

Brisket = yummy!!!!

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