Friday, November 11, 2011

The Greatest Generation

I was blessed, this morning, to be in class with some of my coworkers, more than one of whom is a veteran of our Armed Forces. We were talking about our veterans. I was telling them that my brother, a vet, had remarked that, although he served in the drafted Army, at least the guys only had to serve one tour of duty. We now have an all volunteer military and we just keep sending these guys back and back and back and back.

One of the guys I work with said that so many people, when they speak of veterans, think of WWII vets - the "Greatest Generation".

He said, and I could not agree more, that any vet, no matter when he served or where he served or how long he served or under what conditions he served IS the greatest of his generation. So here is to the greatest of all the generations - here is to our veterans.

God bless you and keep you. Thank you.


Karmyn R said...

What a great sentiment!

Richard said...

The Greatest Generation refers not to just the vets... The people at home who while on rationing built planes and ships. Johny colected cans and rubber as Mom stirred yellow dye to make "butter" out of margerane(sp).That was WW2. The Greatist of any generation might refer to GI's but I think that honor belongs to those who end a war.

Sandy said...

Rich, I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree about this one. You are absolutely correct that the entire country pulled together during WWII and I am not in any way denigrating their incredible sacrifice or donation to our country's history.

I do not think our veterans are any less great for having fought in a war they were not allowed to win. We are currently embroiled in a war where it is hard to see winning. I almost miss the days of armored regiments.

So, falling back on Charles Dickens and Tiny Time, "God bless us one and all".

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