Monday, October 17, 2011

Soapbox Time! Again!

I am doing this rant on my blog because if I did it on Facebook, I would be doing the very thing that I intend to rant about.

To all of my relatives: if you are having a problem with your spouse, child, co-workers, or the universe in general and dealing with this problem requires you to spew venom or air dirty laundry about your spouse, child, co-worker or the universe in general all over the internet - DO NOT DO IT!

First, no one really cares. If they did, they would be sitting next to you on the couch, watching chick flicks, eating ice cream sandwiches and commiserating with you.

Second, no one really cares. The person about whom you are spewing will, however, have written confirmation of every nasty, stupid, and juvenile thing you say not to mention the actual crimes to which you confess. Assault is a crime, you know.

Third, no one really cares. The "friends" you have on facebook are people who know people who know people who know people you thought you knew in high school. They are NOT really your friends. Your friends are the people who read your blog.

I addressed this to my relatives because I have already unfriended the "friends" who use a social networking site to be anti-social.

I feel better now. If you have a problem, call me. Send me a message. Send me an email. Ask for prayers. Just don't expect me to join in your hate-fest. Thanks.


Crown Princess said...

i dont wanna eat ice cream sandwhiches and i would rather sit at the cafe and make snarky comments rather than watch chick flicks...but i would still be there for ya

Sayre said...

We had a family incident this weekend and I did write a rant about it for my blog - but have not published it. It was significant enough that I feel like it should be part of the record for my son - but not for public consumption. Blogger doesn't offer the option of a private post, so I'm not sure what to do with it. But it's for me and my son and a select few to see so they can understand a few things about how this family works and the pitfalls of alcohol consumption when you're an alcoholic.

As tempting as it might be sometimes, that's dirty laundry and should never be shared out there where anyone can stumble across it.

Karmyn R said...

Preach it Sister!!!!

I am amazed at what people will publish or post about other people.

Once put down on "paper" - it can't be taken back. I think the same way about people who Text. My sister was in a fight with someone and they had their entire argument via text...things were "said" and then they each got angrier at each other, spewing forth hate at each other.

If you can't say something nice about someone - don't say anything at all. (oh - and I don't want to see break-up or "i love you baby" stuff either.)

Pamela said...

Even writing stuff on blogs (some of them I've read) is over the top.

I have two that I just need to block -- I think you can do that without un-friending so they don't know that you've moved them aside so you can breathe and not smell that stuff. ha ha

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