Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hallowe'en Heroes

My grandson goes to Holy Cross Catholic Academy. Since it is a Catholic school,Hallowe'en is celebrated, being originally a religious holiday (Hallowed Eve, the night before All Saint's Day). The paragraph below is taken from HCCA's facebook page and explains the parameters of their school costumes.

"This Halloween, HCCA will be celebrating the lives of moral heroes and heroines. Students may dress as someone whom they consider to be an example of virtue, integrity and a genuine concern for others. You may choose someone who lived a long time ago, or someone who is alive today. (Note: The person does not necessarily have to be a religious figure; there are plenty of moral exemplars who are not explicitly "religious"). Or you may choose a fictional character, a cartoon character, or a character from TV or the movies. The moral hero or heroine you choose does not even necessarily have to be a human being! The only requirement is that she/he/it be someone you admire because of the morally upright way in which they live. So... you have a little more than 3 weeks to get ready. Choose well, be able to explain why you chose the person you selected as a moral exemplar... and maybe you'll be one of our lucky winners! Prize suggestions are welcome; the grand prize will be announced soon!"

It turns out that Moose and his mom have differing opinions as to who or what was a suitable costume. I was lucky enough to pick up the Moose at school today. His mom and sister and nephew were with me and we started discussing his choice. Time is getting short and his mom's vacation ends tomorrow. I suggested Michael the Archangel, his mom suggested any cop or serviceman, I suggested any single mom who was working to support herself and her child(ren). He liked this last one and thought maybe he'd go as a waitress! His sister suggested a stripper and we reminded her that he did attend a Catholic school. Then, complete with light bulb over his head, he said, "I could be a bolton".

A bolton. What is a bolton, buddy? "You know, like Doug or Rhonda".

Ah, a Bolton!

His mom asked him to explain what made the Bolton's moral heroes. He said that they go to church, they do not take advantage of people, and they take care of animals.

Yep, heroes. He did well.


Sandy said...

The Boltons own Rafter B Quarter Horses in Amarillo. Juls boards her horse, Lily, there and Doug is training both of them...lol.

Sayre said...

Sounds like Moose is a very smart kid - he knows that ordinary people doing ordinary things can still be heroes!

Richard said...

Happy Samhain

Karmyn R said...

My children attend a Christian school and they are not allowed to dress up at all.

However - during Homecoming week they did get to dress up - so it kind of makes up for it.

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