Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hearing Tests

I was reminded today by a friend's prayer request of this little bit of family history. It actually explains so much.

When Moose was 2 months old, he and his mom and his dad and his four sisters all came to our house for Christmas. It was the first time that Shorty had met Moose's dad and siblings. Duck, also, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Anyway, the girls had the back bedroom and Moose's crib was in with his parents and Christmas was basically EVERYWHERE in the house. It was a wonderful, crazy, stressful, happy time and to say that Moose had everyone wrapped around his pinkie was an understatement.

Having said that, there was just something about the baby that didn't seem right. Juls and I had followed my mom's example from the day the baby was born and put him right in the middle of the house. No silence for one of our babies. Babies need to get used to the world. I remember when Juls was little and Mom put her in the middle of the living room and vacuumed around her!

Moose was a very good baby. He slept. He ate. He pooped. He slept. He ate ...well, you get the idea. The one thing that I didn't think he did well was respond to noise. I would stand over his little crib and clap my hands. NO REACTION! Absolutely none. I panicked and, being the sharing person that I am, spread this panic to his parents and his grampits. Moose's dad was in the Navy at that time and, after they got back to California, took the little man to the doctor for tests. By this time, Juls and I had already planned what steps we would take for her poor deaf baby for the next 18 years. We had researched schools and camps and therapies. We were prepared for anything.

Except the actual diagnosis.

The Navy doctor, after checking out the Moose and running some tests, said (and I quote), "His hearing is fine. He's just the youngest as*hole I've ever met".

Too much noise and stimulation, evidently. He didn't care for all the hoopla so he just checked out. That's a lot of control for a 2 month old!

So, today, please pray for my friends' grandson, Will. With all love, I hope that he is just another as*hole!

**the picture is from 2 years later. I just like it!


Pamela said...

Does he still not listen ... ha ha ha

Sayre said...

One of my brothers had acute hearing and would tune out in order to cope with the chaos. As it turned out, my son was also blessed with this type of hearing. With it being just us and not being loud people, we didn't realize there was a problem until a TV was turned up too loud. He almost became catatonic and held his hands over his ears. We don't do fireworks or anything else that is too loud. I've told him, guard your special hearing. Don't ruin it like your uncle did with too much too loud. It's a bit more delicate than regular hearing and his uncle is practically deaf now.

Karmyn R said...

I"m glad it turned out okay for Moose!

And my husband's nephew is similar to Sayre's brother - such acute hearing that he would freak out with loud noises.

karisma said...

Well that was a rather entertaining read for such a serious subject. LOL MY second daughter was a perfect baby, never cried, never responded to noise etc. They told me that it was because she had an older sister and was used to it. I knew she could not hear but no-one would believe me until at age six I demanded a proper hearing test. Lo and behold my awesome little lip reader learned to talk perfectly other than using S's instead of W's and such while she had 85% hearing loss in one ear and 75% loss in the other. It was soon fixed with grommits and she became much jumpier at all the noise! I am always one to listen to a mothers instinct with kids. They are usually right.

Sending hearing vibes along to young Will and some listening vibes along to his doctors! Hugs xoxo

Crown Princess said...


Anonymous said...

I appreciate this so much ---and our results were the samew as yours- Will has hearing on his left ear (could not do brain wave test on R ear at this time) but we were like you and already worked on our signing skills and researched schools but through God's grace and answer to prayers- those are not needed. Thanks again. Francie

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