Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bonnie the Pack Rat

We own 3 real dogs and a Chihuahua for reasons which have already been discussed. Bonnie is the chihuahua. I have always maintained that chihuahuas are not dogs at all but vermin. I now have proof.

If any of you have ever been visited by a packrat or even an ordinary house mouse, these pictures will make more sense to you. We all know that mice chew, destroy, shred, and mutilate things in order to feather their nests. I now take you to......

Bonnie making her way out of bed

Bonnie rearranging her bed

What the dog - oh, wait, the vermin - left.

The gold bed in the background is Bonnie's actual bed. The last time I saw a dog in it, it was the Boxer and no, I didn't have my camera. Holly is fond of sleeping with her head in the little dog bed. The windowpane check in the foreground is one of 4 large beds in our bedroom. It's matching counterpart is on the other side of our bed. The 3 large dogs take turns sleeping on them, depending on who gets to the good ones first. That is a $70 bed. Bonnie has systematically burrowed, chewed and removed the stuffing from the bed. She can now make her way inside the bed, throw out more stuffing, and make herself comfortable.

She is a very expensive free dog.


Sayre said...

As I have discovered, most free dogs are expensive. Our little dachsund (recent addition) loves to burrow. We gave her a sleeping bag to paw and crawl into that she just loves.

karisma said...

Haha! This is so cute. And yes I can relate, we have rats as pets and we did have a Chihuahua cross, although she did grow out of her chewing habits eventually. My big dogs however are still chewing their bedding everytime I make new blankets. They just love to play tug of war with them. sigh.

Pamela said...

our free dog, whom we named Freebea...was nicknamed gold-dust by the veterinarian clinic.

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