Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Pictures - Corpus Christi 2011

This is my baby. This is the smile you see EVERY time you point a camera at her face. There are NO non-smiling pictures of Juls. She decided early on that there would only be smiling pictures. I love this face.
Irish eyes (even is she is half German)

The requisite picture of the picture taker.

Then I got bored, waiting for the boat to depart on it's little cruise and I just started clicking. I think it was the sea air but Juls indulged me with an expression or two. I do have her permission to share!
Oh, fine!

You know I hate this

Smile? I show you a smile!

Sad Juls

Happy Juls

Smart alec Juls

You're actually taking these?


Wow. You do know that I love you...

... a lot!


Crown Princess said...

ha ha, now you cant say i have only one smile. decent pics (as long as you dont look at em full size...i have wrinkles)

Sandy said...

That's OK. You caused some of my Nothing a little sea plasma can't take care of!

Sayre said...

You can still see the smile behind the "sad" face!

lisaschaos said...

She's a riot! I think she should have snapped some of the faces you probably made while shooting these, lol.

Pamela said...

jewels. yes.

(What is it with these word verifications. This one is; dendends

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