Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anticipation? or Trepidation? or Nausea?

There need to be more words. Do you remember how you used to feel the day after Labor Day when school started? When your pencils all still had erasers and your lunchbox wasn't dinged and your new school shoes weren't scuffed? When the whole bright, beautiful year was just waiting for you to unfold it?

That's sort of how I feel...when I don't feel like throwing up.

I am starting over and I am a little old to be starting over. There is no rush to my moving since I will be dogsitting for my own dogs for the next month or so while Shorty is on a road trip. Now I know how dads feel when someone says they're babysitting their own kids. Anyway, I digress.

I am not changing towns, just houses. I have found a rental which is really quite nice. It's a duplex with off street parking and big trees and someone else to mow the lawn. However, with interest rates what they are right now, we are contemplating trying to buy a house for me to move into.

First step taken today. We met with the mortgage lady at the bank and got the paperwork to fill out. I will probably do that tonight since I am sleep deprived today. I do feel a lot like I did, though, when I was taking the entrance exam for high school.

So, pray for me (and us). Thanks, y'all.


Sayre said...

Exciting and terrifying. When my first husband and I split (it was not amicable), I had never lived alone before. I moved back to my parents' house, but three months of that was more than enough. It was a huge leap for me to step away from that marriage, the scariest and most exciting thing I'd ever done! I'm glad I did, but I think if I were to ever find myself alone again, I would see it as a new adventure.

I think you guys are wise to consider buying a house. Rent is pretty outrageous with all the people bailing from their owned houses. I think landlords realized they were sitting on a gold mine. I hope you find some place you really like!

Karmyn R said...

Sending prayers

Pamela said...

it seems bigger and more scary because you are not young and foolish anymore -- and know what to expect.

But.. you've seen it before, you know what it is. You're gonna do fine.

My word verification is: ovegalsp

It is two words scrambled... and describes right where you are.

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