Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Monday - Wanna Make God Laugh?

Tell Him your plans! Roger is hosting Fun Monday again for the month of May and this week he would like to know our va- or stay- cation plans.

Plans, you say?

This is the first year in forever that I am getting a paid vacation. Last year my husband fulfilled a lifelong dream and went to Sturgis for the bike rally. This year, I had planned to spend a week on Assateague Island with my daughter. We have both wanted to see the ponies since our respective childhoods and the Marguerite Henry books.

Then, two things happened. One bad - the price of gas and one good - the birth of a new baby in the family! My daughter's step-daughter is having a baby sometime with the next month and so, in June, when Juls and I both have our vacations approved, we will be going to San Antonio, TX instead of the East Coast. I hope to get a couple of days in Corpus Christi, also as I am seriously suffering from water deprivation.

No, I am not thirsty, but my soul is. I grew up on the California Coast. I miss trees and water. Every once in a while I just need to be near LARGE expanses of water or at least a running river.

So, there it is. Still going - just not as far.


Jill said...

Sounds like what's happening with us, except I'm the one that's pregnant. I so wanted to travel this summer, just a quick trip for my hubby and I to 'get away' but looks like that's not going to happen!

Molly said...

You will surely have the best vacation with the new baby. Also, enjoy the special time for you and hubby replenishing the water to your being.

Sayre said...

Priorities change things. You COULD still go to Assateague, but you choose to spend that time with a lovely new baby instead. Thing is... new baby happens just that once. Assateague will still be there next year!

Enjoy your time off and do get to the beach!

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