Monday, May 2, 2011

Defending the homestead

We have a new food delivery person. My dogs do not like anyone in their yard but they tolerated the old food delivery person in the "big yard" adjacent to our house. The new guy? Not so much. I happened to be home alone the other day when the new food delivery person, from whom I had not ordered, parked in the big yard. The dogs, all four of them, were in our yard.

Well, almost all of them. Bonnie, when she saw the delivery truck, wriggled through the space between the gate and the fence and commenced defending the homestead.

Holly, who normally stands at the gate and barks, stood on her back feet at the gate and barked, hackles raised.

Goose, who is still a little skittish and afraid, was barking and circling and charging and retreating and charging and circling and retreating, all the while barking.

Duck, who normally stands next to Holly, to protect the yard, was on the porch. I was in the doorway behind the glass storm door. She was on the porch, I assume in case the intruder actually got past the first three defenders. She was not barking. She was staring gateward, hackles raised, and growling deep in her throat.

The driver, after actually approaching the gate, looked into Holly's mouth and thought better of it. He called me on the phone to see if I needed anything. I told him that if I had, I would have ordered it.

We will not be having our food delivered by this company again. At least, not until they have a new route driver.

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