Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun Monday - Not Me

Roger at A Screed in Time is still hosting Fun Monday and wants to know, very simply, which is my favorite muppet.

This is very simple for me. I do not have a favorite muppet. I know this makes me sound un-American but I blame the muppets and Sesame Street for the downfall of American education.

There was a time, believe it or not, when children had an attention span of longer than 4 seconds. They learned without knowing that they needed also to be entertained. Along came Sesame Street, in 1969, when I was already in high school and not exposed to it.

Then came the early 70's when I had my children. I watched it once or twice and decided that I did not want my children to learn to be frenetic. They seemed to have a handle on that all by themselves.

Sorry, America. I do not have a favorite muppet. I do have two children who are capable of paying attention for more than a minute or two at a time. They can even sit through an entire class, or religious service, or movie all at one time. Of this, I am proud.


Sayre said...

I watched some Sesame Street when I was kid, but it was a much slower pace than it is these days. I actually kind of hate the show now - it's too hip. And way too fast paced. I don't know if it's because I'm older or what, but I didn't let my kid watch Sesame Street either.

The Muppet Show... now that was fun!

Pamela said...

perhaps Sesame Street is the 'creation' of some who have ideas about education that didn't match yours or mine. That bein said, I have allowed my kids and grandkids to watch it. I enjoyed the muppet movies as I think the humor was made for adult. I didn't play - but I always enjoyed those horrid little old men that were show critics up in the box.

Georgia Girls said...

I enjoyed the older Sesame street more than the current one. I'm not a fan of these tv kid shows today, except maybe Max and Ruby. I know, I know...a bossy sister, but I adore Max and his one word dialogues. I do wonder, tho, where are those parents ;)

SandyAnnDee said...

I didn't care for Sesame Street even as a child, but I'm not sure if it was the pace that bothered me or if it simply didn't capture my attention.

Roger said...

well now... so you didn't enjoy the Muppet Show either I take it? And here I was under the impression that everyone liked a muppet or two, or ten in my case. :) Ad for the downfall of American education... I don't believe the muppets are to blame, but what do I know, I mean the look fairly harmless and I think were better than say, Teletubbies. :)

Crown Princess said...

Hey Slacker you need to post or your book is gonnabe VERY thin :P

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