Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Road Trip (part two)

We made it safely to San Antonio with Juls driving the BIG blue pickup. She has been toying in her head with buying either a Ford Excursion (biggest vehicle on the road) or a Chevy Avalanche. She got in the Avalanche at the motel, put it in reverse, backed up and said, before she ever left the parking lot, "I may have to buy the Excursion. This is a little too big, I think."

Umm, Juls? The Excursion is bigger...remember? Biggest vehicle on the road? Oh yeah. Well, now we know where Moose gets his math skills.

Anyway, we left San Antonio and decided, rather than going home the way we usually do, to let OnStar have it's way with us. Interesting route, but it did get us home. On the way, we passed this Ford dealership with the Meineke man. Once upon a time, Meineke Muffler used this tall guy in front of their stores. As this ad campaign fell by the wayside, the guys were repurposed. The Meineke men are not to be confused with the Paul Bunyans and other tall guys around the country. A Meineke man has his hands positionally opposed, as they once held a muffler. This is how you can spot a true Meineke guy.

Also along the way, we passed this grove of trees. Moose and I thought that the one wayward branch (and yes, I should have cropped this better) looked like a brontosaurus head or maybe Nessie rearing her lovely head. I'm not sure why she would be in the hill country of Texas except that it's a very friendly place to be.

One of the great things about letting OnStar have it's way with us is that it took us to Junction, TX. When Shorty and I were driving truck, we used to hurry (always doing the legal speed limit, of course) to get to Junction before this restaurant ran out of barbecue. In all honesty, Cooper's was the 2nd choice this time, with 1st choice being the restaurant on the south side of the highway. Moose was in need of "'murican'" food and we were gonna have a great hamburger, but the restaurant was closed for the holiday until January 3rd. I personally was pleased because, while you can get great burgers all over the country, great barbecue is harder to find. Moose had ribs and his mama and I had brisket. It was GOOD!

Leaving Junction, we headed north and came home. Courtesy of OnStar, I was actually on roads that I had never, in 14 years of driving truck, seen. It was a great trip and the best part? Getting Moose back, of course.

1 comment:

Crown Princess said...

OnStar rocks, the talking guy, not so much. I think you should be able to buy "Sarcastic" option

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