Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Road Trip (part one)

Juls and I road-tripped to San Antonio to pick up Moose. We left Tuesday morning after I got off work and went as far as Abilene. I reserved a room at the Best Western in Abilene, requesting a handicapped room. I do this all the time for several reasons. First, most handicapped rooms are on the ground floor. Second, as a middle-aged, overweight, bad-kneed woman, I find the grab rails handy.

When we checked in, the very nice receptionist asked if it was just the two of us and if I was aware that I had reserved a handicapped room. In my very best "I'm not stupid" voice, I assured her that I had done it deliberately and that if she did not need the room for someone else, I would be very pleased to just check in.

We did. We went to our room and immediately started laughing. This room has evidently been retrofitted for someone not just handicapped (or old and fat) but wheelchair-ridden. The last time that I saw toilets and sinks this close to the floor was in the kindergarten restroom at our local grade school!

It seemed a shame that we did not intend to drink as we could have rolled off of the beds and not injured ourselves!

Last but not least were the chairs; the very low, little chairs especially when seen next to the average size table!

I will be more careful and ask more questions the next time that I reserve a room. I would still like the grab rails but I would also like for my knees to not be even with or above my chin when I am seated!

We still had a great time. We had dinner at Johnny Carino's, shopped a little, slept fairly well and were on the road again by 6:30 a.m., still laughing about the "midget room".


Karmyn R said...

Too funny!!!

We got a handicapped room once by default and the bathroom was one big giant space - no shower curtain at all - just a spot to shower next to the toilet and sink. It was kind of weird.

Crown Princess said...

If i didnt have a complex about being a "big" girl before, i sure as hell do now.

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