Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun Monday - Genie edition

Our hostess this week is Sayre, as she has been for the entire month. This week? Here's what she wants -"I want to know your heart's desire in the form of three wishes."

This is hard. Do I want y'all to think that I am loving and kind and altruistic? or do I just want to be honest? Hmmm. OK, here's my wishes and you can decide which direction I took.

1. I want to have "enough" money.
I don't want a certain amount. I don't want to be filthy rich. I just want to be able to get what I want when I want it and to give what I want when I want to give it and to be able to endow a library. Maybe I do want to be filthy rich.

2. I want to be thinner.
I do not want to be thin, just thinner - and I don't want to have to give up a single thing that I love eating to do it.

3. I want to be cherished.
I do not want to be just loved or appreciated, I want to be cherished - by someone other than God.

That's it, folks. Now hop on over to Sayre's and see what everyone else wants.


grace said...

I want to be thinner too, like very thin and who does not want some money? Have a nice day Sandy.

Jill said...

yes, yes, and yes, I guess that's what my third wish is, too, to be cherished. I just couldn't put it in nice terms.

Sayre said...

I think your wishes are both! Having someone who cherishes you is very important. Money is too. Thinner is a matter of health and taste... all worthwhile wishes!

Jan n Jer said...

I like your honesty! We all want what we want when we want it at times in our lives.

Molly said...

I bet with such a great attitude that you are very much cherished.

Faye said...

Are you an "Outlander" fan, Sandy? I think you may be because Claire and her Highlander understand how important it is to be cherished. I agree. As to the thinner business, I'm with you--just wish there were a bit less of me at my age without a lot of obsessing about it.

On Wednesday I'll have the topic signup for Oct. 4 Fun Monday. Stop by!

Sandy said...

Faye - amazing insight. My very favorite books in the world. See you next week!

ari_1965 said...

Cherished by someone other than God...that's well put.

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