Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cereal Box Project

Moose's school project, due today and finished this morning, was really kind of fun. The kids had to read a book and then design a cereal somehow related to the book.

The book Moose read was "The Capture" by Karen Lansky. This book is about an owl and his friends who are kidnapped, brainwashed (it didn't take), escape and set out to warn all of the other owl kingdoms about the rampant evil about to be unleashed.

The genre was science/fantasy fiction. It was a great choice. Moose had just finished the Percy Jackson books and was convinced that if Rick Riordan didn't write it, he wasn't reading it. This project had to be a book that you had NOT already read.

Mrs. Hicks, the wonderful librarian at Moose's school, suggested this. He fought it, he wouldn't read it, he just flat out wasn't going to like it. He finished it and then he got the second book in the series out of the library! Hurray!!

The front of the box, artwork by Moose. Talons in reference to the owls, of course. You can't see it but those are round oat cereal bits with marshmallow talons.

The left side of the box, with summary.

The right side with ingredients (characters) and setting.

The top: Book, Author, Pages and Rating (4 stars)
and finally, looking every bit as much of an orphan as his mother ever did, the Moose with the completed project.


Swampy said...

What a darling child ! I'm thinking this must have been a school project???
Nice job ! Please pass the milk.

Swampy said...

Off to eat some cereal...

Crown Princess said...

Great job. Maybe a future advertising guru???

Sayre said...

What a great idea! My son just had to do a book report and he came up with a costume - but was too embarrassed to wear it. He and his homeroom teacher made a movie poster instead, just in time for class!

Crown Princess said...

We request an update, how goes the Tummy Talons project???

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