Thursday, September 25, 2008

PPL - Autumn

With many, many thanks to Robin for motivating us once again - and for introducing me, all of those months ago, to a form of poetry that actually turned up in a class I am teaching this fall.

I realize that poetry should need no explanation but this is NOT how I normally feel about Hallowe'en. I LOVE Hallowe'en - or I did before the store where I work put the costume section thisclose to my department. A word to all you moms out there - forget washing the kid's hands with GermX - tell them to quit putting on the mask that they just picked up off of the floor after 97 zillion (literally) other kids have already put it on their snotty little faces.

Scary, Magical
Tricking, treating, dressing up
Creeping fog, creepy people

This is not necessarily autumnal except that my CFC class wrote this cinquain together last Wednesday evening. Courtesy of my 5th graders:

Son, Savior
Loving, Healing, Sharing
Safe Harbor, Joyful Hope

and THIS is the actual assignment.

Omnipresent, Ubiquitous
Growing, Growing, Ripening
Where ARE those recipes?



Karmyn R said...

Oh I didn't even think about Halloween!! And don't even remind me about all that stuff in the garden that needs to be taken care of!

Anonymous said...

Love the humor in that last one. Funny!

Herb of Grace said...

Love the squash one! You should do another one about tomatoes, that's what I've got piling up around my house this fall...

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I love the squash one too! I almost did post one about tomatoes, but it was my weakest, so I took it down. It was about how I had abandoned my tomato plants though, so they had totally withered. No extra tomatoes for me! (And I killed the squash plants a month ago.)

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