Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Much too young?

With credit to this entry by my favorite Anglophile and with credit to this entry by {i}post for sharing stories of their little men. Both posts are about changes and about little boys growing up. As most of you know, Lil Man is now Moose.

Moose changed schools this year and is settling in unbelievably well. He is still having his black coffee in the morning and the school is working with us on the whole non-medication thing and is allowing him to have CokeZero halfway through his day in order to boost his caffeine intake. He still misses his old classmates but, thankfully, we live in a small town and eventually, everyone runs into everyone.

Such was the case a couple of days ago. Grampits and Julie and Moose and I went out to lunch at the local Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. Two of the little girls from his class last year were sitting at the booth 3 booths down from us. Let's call them Meg and Amy. Meg's mom, who is way cooler than me or my daughter, was sitting at another table so the girls could be "cool".

Meg and Amy came to our table and invited Moose to sit with them for lunch. He asked for permission, which was granted and, without a backward look, off he went. His mom was sitting next to me and we both had our backs toward him. This was maddening, since we had to depend on the Grampits for updates.

He started off sitting with Meg and then halfway through the meal, switched sides so that he could sit with Amy. Everyone behaved well and ate well.

It just made me feel so friggin' old. I'm much too young to feel this dang old.

Aw, heck, I just re-read this and Julie's right. I do whine.


anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

Love the new header. It's perfect. And, I know. It stinks to watch the kiddos grow up. I just want to freeze time.

Pamela said...

you ever feel like you blink - and life has passed you by?

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Your changes to the blog are fantastic! I just love it! :)

It sounds like you and your family are wonderfully creating a charming little man. I love how he sat next to both of them!

"Age" and "old" have been eliminated from my vocabulary. ;)

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