Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who Do You Think Will Prevail? Updated Photos

New Chair
No dogs on the new chair
Who, me?
I can't see you!

Nasty old MomIf she can, I can

and if they can, you KNOW that I can!


Irish Coffeehouse said...

He, he... I think the dog is eventually going to win.

Copy, paste and print away! It's there for sharing! ;)

Crown Princess said...

I am sure the D will enjoy her new throne

Peggy said...

They really are good at looking innocent even when caught in the act, aren't they? LOL

Debbie said...

You might as well start waving the white flag now. You are as good as done with the chair/dog thing. Pets and kids - you know we can't win against them. said...

Duck will totally win this one. Sorry.

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Looks like he's already laid down the law, lol;).

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