Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I was tagged by Sayre with the amazing smile last week, in conjunction with this very welcome award. I seem to be in slomo these days so it's taken me a while but I would like to say (insert Elvis voice here) "thank you, thank you very much".

Attached or single? Attached

Best friend? I'm taking the 5th on this one. Depending on the situation, it's one of two people, both of whom read this blog.

Cake or Pie? Bostom Creme Pie, which as we all know is really a cake.

Day of Choice? Every single one.

Essential Item? Caffeine.

Favorite color? Plaid.

Gummy bears or worms? NEITHER! I hate gummy candy with a passion.

Hometown? Same place I live now. One day it will be somewhere else.

Indulgence? Buying magazines.

January or July? January. I hate the heat.

Kids? Yes.

Life isn't complete.... without God.

Marriage Date? More than I care to count but only two to my current husband, and no, we've never been divorced from each other.

Number of Brothers and Sisters? 3 total.

Oranges or Apples? Oranges. I love citrus in any form.

Phobias? Moths. They fly into my eyes. No one ever believes me about this until they see it happen. Moths deliberately fly INTO my eyes.

Quote? "You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." C.S.Lewis

Reasons to Smile? They vary from day to day but ALWAYS baby toes.

Season of Choice? Fall. It's SUCH a relief when summer is over!

Tag Seven People? Julie,Shorty, Meg, Christine, AFF, Pamela, and Kim. but only if you want to and/or need a little something to blog about. ALL of you get the Brilliante WebBlog Award whether you participate or not - and we get to hear a little more about you. I can't wait!!!!

Unknown Fact? Um. Unknown. To whom? If it's to me - well, I can't answer this. If it's to you - let me think...there is a very fine line between determined and stubborn.

Vegetable? Beets (not pickled) and beet greens

Worst habits? Biting my cuticles

XRay or Ultrasound? Neither, hopefully.

Your favorite food? Cheesecake.

Zodiac sign? I survived the dawning of my age. Obscure reference. If you did not understand it, ask your mom.


nikki said...

Yuck, beets and I love baby toes too!

ChrisB said...

I've recently done this one ~ me thinks we just might have the same zodiac sign!

Sandy said...

chris - I understand it is the sign closest to both insanity and genius. Always gives me comfort, that thought.

Crown Princess said...

Thanks for the reason to blog....lol

Pamela said...

baby beets and beet greens were one of our very first "fresh" veggies in spring. I tell ya -- I thought it was ambrosia. I would dip it in Miracle Whip. ha ha. Now I can't stand the dip.
But I still love beets.

Someone else tagged me, too - so I may just have to sit down and make a list. Or use yours.

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

I love that you said plaid was your favorite color. You know I'm a bit of a plaid fan myself :) Thanks for the award, hon!

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