Saturday, June 9, 2012

but of course, he couldn't

When last heard from, my older gentleman was still in the lobby of the jail.  Jails are not hotels.  They are not even hostels.  They are regulated, very strictly, by more than one agency.  There are LOTS of rules.  One of those rules is that you cannot house people who are not under arrest.

You cannot arrest someone for not wanting to be alone.

This gentleman, who was 75 years old, is not a transient.  He is from here.  He lives here.  He has a family here.      He did not want to go home because his son yells at him.  I am in no way judging his son.  I am merely stating what the gentleman said.  One of the deputies spent quite a bit of time talking and listening, mostly listening.  Then he and the gentleman left the building together and got into the patrol unit.

Now here is one of the dichotomies of my job.  Sometimes you don't get to know the end of the story.

I know the deputy took the gentleman home.  I can assume that he spoke to the family.  I can hope that all is better.  I can pray for God's grace on this man and his family and on the deputy who took time to listen, and the social services lady who took time to listen, and the jailer who took time to listen, and on you, for taking the time to listen to me.


Anonymous said...

please call adult protective services


Anonymous said...

No wonder you were sad- I was too reading it. I misss my parents so very much, I hope his family knows how truly precious time is with him. Francie

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