Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our best tradition

Today - actually yesterday now - was my favorite day of the year. One day of the year I gather up my youngest grandson and we visit our local mall. We shop together, sometimes with Grampits also and sometimes with Mom and sometimes with his sisters but always with us two. We buy pants and shirts and jackets and shoes and a toy and always, always, always a book. We buy things that Moose would like - although last year he accused his mom and me of trying to "geek" out a kid just because we like argyle. This year he wanted to leave a note with his purchases laying claim to the praise that goes with buying cool stuff.

When we are through shopping, we take our purchases back to the table from whence the "order form" or "wish list" came. We give the bag(s) to the volunteers at the Salvation Army Angel Tree table and go to find our cocoa and cookies. This year it was gingerbread and coconut slushie. Not my choice, but the Moose had made good choices all day so I just let this one slide...

Now, no matter what happens, or doesn't, before Christmas, my holiday is golden and filled with love and generosity and angels and smiling children.


Crown Princess said...

Yay for giving and yay for traditions

bichonpawz said...

What a wonderful tradition Sandy! that your little one will remember forever. Very, very sweet!

Pamela said...

well.. a little coconut liqueur might have brightened up that slushie!

I think I would enjoy a shopping trip like that. Can I come with you next year?

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