Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Monday - Christmas Shopping

Today's hostess is Julie from Another Chance Ranch and this is what she wants to know -"When do you start your Christmas shopping? On Black Friday? Cyber Monday? And, who is the hardest person to buy for?"

My Christmas shopping is insanely easy. Years ago, when all of the grandkids were little, I started giving hardback books for Christmas. No toys, no clothes, no gift certificates, always books. Some years this was very easy. The kids were divided into 4 households and similar age groups so I did get to buy duplicates and thank you, J.K. Rowling!

This year's gifts are currently awaiting pickup at the post office. I ordered them all online last week, including duplicate versions of my friend Laurie's book.

My shopping is always done before Thanksgiving so that I can actually enjoy the holidays. With all of my shopping done, once Moose and I do the Angel Tree, I do not have to venture into retail hell at all.

The hardest person I have to buy for is my husband. If he sees a book he wants, he buys it. So generally, and please don't tell, I buy a book that I want and just put his name on it!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


bichonpawz said...

You are too funny!! Don't worry...your secret is safe with me!! Lucky lady....glad you got all your shopping done!!

Molly said...

I think that you have found the perfect resolution to Christmas shopping. Here is a site that you might like.

Jill said...

Books are awesome gifts, and I love giving them, but they are not always well received. Bummer. I love your angel tree tradition, last year I wrapped, and wrapped, and wrapped, and well.. wrapped gifts for around 500 kids. Sadly, the economy is not any better, and they already have almost 500 for the year (and more always sign up until time to give gifts out)..

Sayre said...

My family is a group of avid readers. One year we had a group of carnies at Christmas and they were so puzzled by our enthusiastic receiving of books as gifts! It was really quite funny - even my son was thrilled with his book and he was only about 6 at the time.

Faye said...

When writing my FM post this week I was thinking about not receiving any books as a child. I loved books and would have been delighted to find them under the tree. What a wonderful thing you're doing Sandy--turning the people on your list into lifetime readers--or supporting the habit they already have.

We'll look forward to learning what you'll be reading in January!

Michelle Saunderson said...

I have to agree with Jill that books are not always well received. I can get my kids books, but other people just don't get it.

Pamela said...

books sounds like a great idea for this Christmas.
I have done no shopping at all.
I have no idea what to buy for my husband

Kim said...

I love books, too! This year I am asking for Amazon gift cards for new downloads on my Kindle.

I don't have to venture into "retail hell" much either this year. It will be a small Christmas for us. I'm kind of glad for the reduced stress and more attention to the Reason for the Season.

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