Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

This year for Thanksgiving, as is our intermittent tradition, we went out to dinner. Due to my daughter's work schedule, it was an abnormally early dinner. It seems as though at least one of my family has always had an odd schedule. We just adapt.

We went to Furr's and God bless them for being open today. We got there about an hour after they opened and the line was not that bad. We were seated within half an hour of our arrival.

Our waitress, Sondra, took our drink orders and wished us a Happy Thanksgiving. We foraged. We ate. We foraged. We ate.

While we were eating, the table behind Moose and his mom opened up. A man sat down, askew in his chair in the aisle. His companion, a woman, was lodged with her walker at a booth down the row. Our waitress asked which table they wanted and suggested they pick one and settle there before they lost it. She then asked for his ticket so she could get his drinks.

He had no ticket. He told her that the line was too long so they just came in. We (Juls and I) think that they came in the exit door when someone left. The manager came over and spoke but we were busy and did not pay attention. The woman came and sat down. The man took the walker and left. He came back 10-15 minutes later and sat down. He parked the walker, got up and got the woman a plate of food. He then got up, still sans walker, and got his own plate.

He then demanded, and I do mean demanded, that the waitress get them bread. Then that she get them silverware. Then that she get them....etc., etc., etc. I never heard him say "please". I never heard him say "thank you". I never heard an intonation that would have indicated a request.

Through all of this, Sondra cleared plates, replenished drinks, greeted new customers, and said farewell and Happy Thanksgiving to departing customers. She never lost her cool. I was amazed. She never once returned his tone of voice in kind. She never once was anything less than polite.

On behalf of all those who benefitted today from those who worked today in any service industry, may I say, "Thank you" and have a very wonderful Thanksgiving. Please remember those of us who did not demand but requested. Please remember those of us who were polite and not those who weren't. Please know that you are appreciated.


Sayre said...

The world is full of Sondras - if only people would notice and appreciate them!!! I'm glad YOU did!

Crown Princess said...

Sondra will get her reward in many ways and is an example to all of us. As for the "other" people (not related to us and seated behind us) they will also be rewarded in kind. Remember any time you are dealing with any one, it only takes half a second to smile and say Thank You.

Pamela said...

she's a better person than me. I would have said "Get it yourself Bub"

Of course I'd be fired immediately.

nikki said...

I'm much like Pamela. Thankfully there are Sondra's out there.

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