Sunday, October 11, 2009

Perfect Autumn Weekend

Aside from my husband being under the weather, this has been the perfect autumn weekend. Moose stayed out of trouble in school last week so on Saturday, his mom and I took him to the Amazingly Fun Farm. This is our 3rd year going there and it just keeps getting better and better.

The weather yesterday was cool verging on cold. We left the house to about 36 degrees and finished up at the maze just as the cold front hit and it became about 20 degrees and the air was full of "wintry mix". We warmed up with chili at Wendy's and came home. Juls went to work and Moose and I tackled homework. How do you explain how to do word searches to someone who just doesn't see the words?

This morning, we (Juls, Moose, and I) went to 9:00 Mass. It was Moose's first week singing in the choir. Yep, he is now a Singing Saint. It was a brisk 25 degrees when we left the house. Then we went to Wally World for a few things and to Juls' house to light the pilot light on her heater.

Next we got new shoes for Moose who starts Basketball tomorrow after school. Believe it or not, the shoes that were new when school started are already blown out.

Then Juls went home to get ready for work and Moose and I went home. Grampits had cleaned the kitchen while we were gone so we just leaped right into making oatmeal cookies for the week. If you do them right, they are an absolutely nutritionally perfect, preservative free breakfast. Just ask his mama.

So here I am. My house smells like fresh baked cookies. My grandson is sitting in the chair in the living room with a plate of oatmeal cookies on his lap and a book in his hand. Nascar is on the TV and all is right with my world.

Hope your autumn is as nice as mine.


Junebug said...

The maze photos looked like fun. I think I would like to walk around in a maze. My son and I made oatmeal cookies Saturday night. We put raisins and walnuts in them. My son is now 23 and he likes to cook and bake. We had a nice time too.

Valerie said...

Sandy I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I spend my Saturdays with my two grandsons. I wanted to let you know that I am hosting a ornament swap. Hop over to sign up if you want I'd be excited for you to join in on the fun!
It's A Wonderful Life

Ingrid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gattina said...

I was looking for the Fun Monday challenge because it's already Friday evening, lol !

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