Monday, August 17, 2009


This week's Fun Monday hostess is Lil Mouse, who would like us to bare ourselves and present our scars, physical or psychological. Interesting topic, ma'am, and thanks.

My psychological scars are too numerous and too eclectic to even go into here. I spent 12 years in Catholic schools, remember? Just kidding, Sister Blanche!

My very worst physical scar is located on my daughter's body. Yep, she has it and I am responsible. Guilt? Oh, yeah!

When Julie was a toddler, she lived in 'bag-a-baby' sleepers. She could run faster with no actual leg openings than most children could stark raving naked.

We were in the family room and I had just made myself a cup of instant coffee. Back in the day, I used to make instant coffee with boiling hot water. Juls brushed the end table with her arm, the coffee spilled onto her arm and melted the nylon sleeve right into her arm.

I am nauseous just typing that sentence. I can still hear her scream - outrage, pain, disbelief, and anger.

We lived, at the time, 25 miles from the HMO to which we belonged. Thank God it was all freeway. We got to the Emergency Room and they took her right in. They tied her to a backboard, escorted me from the room, and proceeded to remove the nylon pajama that had been melted into her arm. I can still hear her.

Her little arm was SO little that they used a cloth finger cot with a hole cut in the end of it to hold the bandage on. We went to that medical complex every day for 6 weeks so that they could clean and bandage her arm. It got so that she started screaming when I took the freeway off-ramp. I can still hear her.

Her burn was on the outside, upper left arm. As she grew, the scar naturally moved down her arm. When she was in grade school, I had her convinced that it would just slide right off the end of her fingertip as she grew.

She is still ticked that I lied.



ChrisB said...

You are well organised and ahead of times I'm still at the thinking stage!

Reading that really turned my stomach over, I can only imagine how you must have felt at such a traumatic accident. I still get teased by my children for the little 'fibs' I used to tell.

Crown Princess said...

Ohhhh, SSSSUUUUURRRRREEEEE make me feel guilty for making you feel guilty. You must have done something right, the catholic in me is

Love ya

Sayre said...

I think this one qualifies as both physical AND psychological! Poor baby. Poor Mommy. Even after all these years you feel bad about that accident.

karisma said...

My God! That must have been awful for both of you. We of course have had the same incident happen more than once round here but never so serious! Mind you there was the time that Gameboy karate chopped the iron! That was pretty bad as far as burns go!

Pamela said...

oooooh ouch. Today while dressing the Caboose he was fighting me and my fingernail clipped his lip. Oh he looked so sad at me and wimpered. I felt like a monster.

Anyway -- that is one awful story to have to share. It about scarred me hearing it!

Janis said...

OMG, that is such a horrible thing to happen. How traumatic for both of you. Its hard not to blame yourself when your children get hurt. But! accidents do happen.
Thanks for sharing and Happy FM

Lil Mouse said...

thanks for playing. I can't imagine. I think I've gotten my baby with a fingernail before, and of course it hurts me more than her when she falls over, but i can't .. gosh. that must have been so traumatic for both of you. i don't drink coffee, but I think I may tell my husband no more out of a standard cup while our little one is still so little and make him drink from a travel cup with a lid! scary!

Faye said...

I'm assuming this was in the day before there was the required consumer safety standards for children's clothing, toys and gear? Nothing could have made you feel less guilty though--good mother that you obviously are, Sandy. I feel badly when I inadvertently step on Willie's tail or paw, can't imagine how you felt, especially when your child was too young to understand that you didn't deliberately hurt her.

The Church Lady said...

As a mother, I can feel your pain. I'll bet between all of us moms we can make you feel better with some of our horror stories!

Faye said...

Hey Sandy! Just wanted you to know that the sign up for August 24Fun Monday is posted over at my place. The topic is "Back to School". As an adult are you currently taking a class or learning a new skill that you'd like to share with all of us? Also, what are your thoughts on the importance of lifelong learning? Hope you'll play. No worries about tests or grades!

Emma in Canada said...

Oh yes, the scars we give our children are far worse than the ones we have ourselves!

Laughed out loud at the sliding off her fingetips though, that was quite funny.

samantha said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I loved it. Thank you for having the courage to be real......
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willowtree said...

Just a quick note to tell you that I've just celebrated my 1st anniversary of playing your trivia quiz alone!!

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Ouch! I think I'm going to lose my breakfast.

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