Thursday, July 23, 2009

She breaks my heart, she does

Bug is at home.

She spent the weekend at the vet's 30 miles away. Monday morning, Juls and I went and got her and took her to our vet.

She is very ill. She has ehrlichia. Long story short, this is a tick-borne fever that she has been carrying for some time that, possibly exacerbated by the heat we have been experiencing, manifested itself violently and acutely.

The result is that she had a cerebral hemorrhage and has still not regained the use of her hind legs. She is heartbreaking to watch. She has, according to her vet, a guardedly optimistic prognosis.

We are giving her a few weeks of treatment to see how well she is able to respond.

She is now at home with Juls and the Moose. I am still praying and I thank all of you who are praying with us.

We also took the Moose in for bloodwork as he had a tick bite around 2 and 1/2 months ago before we knew she was ill. We will learn the results next week.


WT said...

Awww that's tough, I hope she pulls through ok.

Sayre said...

It is so hard to see your loved ones suffer - be they smooth or furry.

Thanks for the heads up - our dogs go out in the woods on a regular basis and I pull ticks off them just as often.

Faye said...

Sending good thoughts in Bug's direction. Much as we try to be responsible loving pet owners they still get sick or injured. Like Sayre, thanks for the heads up--I'm lax about tick and heartworm treatment since Willie is mostly an inside dog. Will get on it.

Mariposa said...

So sorry this all has to happen...I hope everything gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

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