Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

Our hostess this week is Grace. This is her assignment: July 4th is US Independence day, for Fun Monday, please tell how you spend your Independence Day either this year or in the past. Do you have a July 4th funny story you would like to share? Do you have a family tradition for this day?

I grew up in a part of the country that did not allow personal fireworks. I now live in a part of the country that not only allows, but encourages, personal excess of explosive devices. This rocks. We not only have fireworks on the Fourth of July but also on Christmas, New Year's, and whenever our favorite team wins.

My story, however, takes place in California 7 years ago. The Moose was 2 years old. His parents then lived near the coast and we were going to watch the fireworks. We met up with friends and settled our lawn chairs on the grassy knoll. Juls and I took great pains to explain to the Moose what was about to ensue. We told him there would be LOUD noises and BRIGHT explosions. We told him the appropriate response was "ooh, aah". We put him on the chair in between us.

The fireworks began. Moose was watching the fireworks and we were watching Moose. He was good. He did not scream or flinch or cry or any of the other things other people's children were doing. He sat there and watched, transfixed, and said "ooh, aah".

Suddenly, an spectacularly large firework exploded. Juls and I heard, "ooh, aah, HOLY S__T!"

Once we regained our composure, we explained that this was not an appropriate response. It has however become part of our family lexicon. Instead of saying Holy ____, we just say "ooh, aah".

It works.

Hope y'all had a spectacular Fourth. Happy Birthday, America!

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