Sunday, June 21, 2009


...or the summer doldrums. I am in the midst of a personal yuk and it is spreading into all facets of my life. This is not good for someone whose family nickname is "Polly-f'ing-anna". Evidently the way I have been reacting to stress has decided to turn on me and the karmic kingdom has decided to play along. Thursday I came early from work sick because my body has evidently decided to stop holding things together, too. Friday, I stayed home, venturing out only long enough to return/replenish library books, pay an overdue bill, and get some sick-noodle soup. I got to the library, returned and replenished and got into an argument with my daughter on the phone. Those of you who know me know that I almost NEVER argue with my daughter. I learned long ago that's it's a losing proposition. I went to pay the overdue bill, paid PART of said bill, went out to get in my car and noticed that my passenger side front tire was very low. I drove to the tire shop and learned that not only was that tire not salvageable but that the rear passenger side tire was flat also. God only knows what I drove over. Being that this is a sporty little car with z-rated tires, they did not have one in stock and must order one. It should be in Monday. I left the tire shop and went to the grocery, trading in the soup for some drumsticks. They had evidently been thawed and refrozen as the cone part was chewy. Gross. Of course, this did not stop me from eating them. My head still hurts, my nose is still running, I am still having a "dis" weekend (disgruntled, discouraged, disillusioned, disappointed, disheartened, disturbed, etc.) and am tired of being a whiny ass. Where's Polly when you really need her?


Monica said...

Sandy, I need Polly too! I got myself off my a** and cleaned my dining room. Which invited my girls to do art. which had made it a mess again. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Sayre said...

Polly has been missing from my life for a couple of months - thank goodness she finally came back. All kinds of horrid things happened in her absence: illness, back injury, car accident, breast infection, poisoning, illness again. All in two months! Damn, that was a long vacation. Polly's not allowed to leave again for quite some time.

Crown Princess said...

But on the bright side, you did not get struck on the head with a load of cow poop from the upper deck of a bull rack....that would have been "dis"

Love ya

Pamela said...

poly....unsaturated fat --- my butt. sigh.

Hey -- we just need to get together and talk about it over coffee.

We could share notes.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Polly has left the blogosphere. I had the same cold. And I had a house full of houseguests for Father's Day weekend. In-laws. Yeeaah, that's right.

Cyber margaritas, anyone?

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